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Maybe you’ve seen an Instagram influencer praise jade rolling for allowing skin care to better “penetrate” your skin. That’s cute — but revant eyeliner reviews all of the experts agree that it’s not really true. Think of a jade roller as like a butter knife. You can use the knife to more spread peanut butter perfectly to the edges of a piece of toast, but it doesn’t make the nutty spread “sink” better into the bread. Likewise, if you jade roll a serum on top of your face, it might help it to spread more evenly, but it doesn’t help it penetrate more deeply into your skin. Just don’t mistake jade facial rollers with the microneedle facial rollers. Dermatologists like Day provide microneedle procedures in the office to treat scarring and melasma (as the procedure has been clinically proven to help) by poking lots of tiny holes in the skin.